Financial Business Intelligence Series


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Course Objective

Today, we talk of emotional intelligence and market intelligence as key competences we need to succeed in our personal and professional lives. Similarly, financial intelligence is a key requirement for all entrepreneurs who want to succeed in their business endeavors.

As Robert Kiyosaki said, “Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.” We say, “Business without financial intelligence is business soon gone”.

As the name suggest, “FBIs” is a five series programme designed exclusively for existing and intending entrepreneurs as well as business managers who have grappled the intricacies of accounting and finance as it relates to a business. The main objective is to train entrepreneurs to become versatile and well skilled in handling their business’ financial matters to the point where they are regarded as financial masters of their businesses. Participants will be equipped with the right financial knowledge, tools and techniques needed to understand the interplays between all aspects of a business and their importance on the financial sustainability of the business. This course is not just to teach you finance, it will also touch on ways to get ahead in business and become financially sustainable.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and choose the best course of actions to build and grow a financially sustainable business
  • Identify the best pricing strategy for their business’ products/ services
  • Identify and interpret the financial terms relating to their businesses
  • Determine the business’  breakeven point and profitability position
  • Apply globally accepted accounting conventions to prepare and interpret the business financial records  
  • Dissect the financial performance of the business using industry standard measures
  • Prepare cash flow forecast and budgets required to take well informed financial decisions
  • Design a sustainable financial planning model for the business
  • First Series: How to remain competitive  

    • Strategic planning review (what are your personal goals and your business goals?)
    • Setting up a simple business structure (Business registration, hiring, office, procurement, HR, finance function, procurement, bank account e.t.c.): Value chain analysis)
    • Know your business, competitors and macro-environment
    • Grow to succeed using Ansoff growth matrix  
    • How to price your products/services competitively to remain profitable
    • The triple bottom levels



    Series 2: Know your business numbers

    • Bookkeeping simplified (separate your personal account from business account, understand debit and credit, importance of keeping complete books e.t.c.)
    • Understand  basic accounting conventions
    • Understand financial terms relating to your business
    • Learn the books to keep and what they must contain
    • How to separate profit from cash
    • Accounting for debtors and bad debts
    • Understand the cost structure of your business  
      • Breakeven analysis  

    Series 3:  Interpreting your financial books

    • Mathematical truths behind your business
    • How to read, interpret and understand:
      • Income lines
      • Profitability
      • Liquidity
      • Cash flow
      • Working capital
    • Non-financial performance review  

    Series 4: Use your business history to estimate future outcomes

    • Cash flow forecast  and budgeting
    • Types of budget and their components
    • Budgeting your expected income and expenses
    • Monitoring budget progress and taking control of your budgets


    Series 5: Responsible financial planning strategies

    • Finance options (crowdfunding, seed capital, bootstrapping, angel investors, investment clubs e.t.c.) to grow and sustain your business
    • Planning for future growth

    Series 6: Ethics in Business





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