Ethics At The Work Place Environment


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Course Objective

Success in the workplace environment is not only determined by the technical competence and skills of management and employees. It is also a function of the ethical culture of the organisation set by its leaders and cascaded down to the lower level staff through actions and procedures.

To maintain healthy working relationships with everyone, employees must be seen to uphold the highest level of ethical standards so must management. Today, many ethical issues that degenerates into insults, hatred, unhealthy working relationships and company disrepute are prevalent in most organisations. These issues arise as business conditions and human interactions are changing.   

A periodic training of staff on ethics is one of the main responsibilities expected of any forward thinking organisation in order to maintain a healthy work place environment for all.

This course will introduce participants to the theoretical concepts of ethics and work ethics. A practical approach will be taken at each milestone covered to enhance participants’ knowledge of theories being taught using case studies, storytelling and group discussions.  

Expected Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the differences between ethics, law and customs
  • Distinguish between ethical behaviour and moral behaviour
  • Explain the approaches to developing an ethical behaviour
  • Identify and explain the ethical traits required of high performing employee
  • Define business ethics
  • Identify the responsible business practices that serves as a catalyst for growth
  • Module 1: Introduction to Ethics     

    • Definition  
    • Ethics Vs Law Vs Customs  
    • Ethical behaviour Vs Moral Behaviour
    • Approaches to developing ethical behaviour

    Module 2:  Employee work ethics   

    • Definition
    • Traits of a high performing employee  
    • Common pitfalls employees must avoid

    Module 3:   Overview of Business Ethics   

    • Definition
    • Common business ethical challenges
    • How do organisations shape ethical conduct
      • Ethical awareness
      • Ethical education
      • Ethical action
      • Ethical leadership
    • Benefits of ethics in the business environment
    • Responsible business practices


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