Do Tax Yourself (DTY)


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  • In-House
  • Open

Course Objective

The fear of tax authorities is the beginning of wisdom. A successful business can be brought down to its knees because of non-compliance and non-payment of taxes to the tax agencies. Many small and medium scale enterprises are victims of this avoidable circumstance.

To get off the hook of the tax authorities, every business owner must be aware of the tax laws and must comply accordingly as ignorance is not taken to be an excuse.

Do Tax Yourself is a course made easy for entrepreneurs to comprehend the tax laws applicable to their business and carry out their tax duties as expected. The main objective of this course is to enhance entrepreneur’s ability to compute taxes, file returns, make remittances and carry out other tax obligations all by themselves.  

Expected Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this programme, participants should able to:

  • Distinguish between the different types of taxes affecting their business  
  • Explain the roles of the tax authorities and what to expect of them
  • Explain the monthly and yearly tax obligations that are applicable to their business
  • Explain the filing procedures and tax rates for each tax
  • Discuss the contemporary issues in the current tax system
  • File returns and make payments
  • Module 1: Overview of basic financial records   

    • Getting your books ready for tax  

    Module 2:  Introduction to taxation

    • Tax agencies and their roles
    • Identifying the different types of taxes

    Module 3: Value Added Tax Management

    Module 4: Withholding Tax Management

    Module 5: Overview of Personal Income Tax

    Module 6: Overview of Company Income Tax

    Module 5: Registration, remittances and filing procedures  

    Tax computation worksheets will be used in class


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