To Achieve Sustainable Growth, You Need Someone To Take The Burden Off You

Accounting Services

We have a pool of experienced chartered accountants who possess hands-on industry experience providing accounting services to companies in different sectors.

We have tailored our accounting services to suit your business size and operation

The Responsible CFO

Our Responsible CFO service gives our SME clients the opportunity of having an experienced CFO who will work and walk with you in achieving your organizational objectives.

Sustainable Financial Advisory

At RC, we have identified responsible financing as a unique and innovative financing strategy suitable to meet the financing needs of business owners.

Responsible financing is a modern system of financing provided in an accountable, transparent and ethical manner.

Business Strategy Review

A periodic business review and preparation of a strategic plan is a necessity for business owners and managers who are really interested in giving their organisations some focus for growth.

Social Impact

With the high spate of social issues facing the country and its African counterparts, a number of social impact initiatives have been developed by different organisations to tackle some of these issues ranging from education, waste management, healthcare, unemployment, hunger, climate change, insecurity e.t.c.

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